145 Tellurium Copper Alchemy Metals

145 tellurium copper

145 tellurium copper

Technical Information:

C145 Tellurium Copper
When tellurium is added to copper, it makes copper more machinable. Therefore, it is widely used in forgings and screw machine products requiring high conductivity, extensive machining, and corrosion resistance with a copper color.
Copper 145 Tellurium is deoxidized using phosphorus and has a machinability rating scale of 85%, compared to pure copper’s which is 20%. This makes for a more efficient turning process on either manual or automated production lines, and also results in a significantly longer tool life.

A large proportion of tellurium copper is used in the manufacture of gas cutting nozzles and torch tips. Tellurium copper is produced in a wide variety of hardnesses to suit different manufacturing processes. The high electrical and thermal conductivity of tellurium copper also makes it suitable for electrical applications such as electrical connectors, motor and switch parts, soldering coppers, transistor bases and for plumbing applications in many fittings and furnace brazed articles.

Tellurium copper’s welding properties are as follows: soldering is rated as “excellent”, brazing is rated as “good”, oxyacetylene welding is rated as “fair”, gas shielded arc welding is rated as “fair”, coated metal arc welding is “not recommended”, spot welding is “not recommended”, seam welding is “not recommended” and butt welding is rated as “fair”.


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