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272 Brass

272 Brass

272 Brass

C272 “Yellow Brass” is full yellow in color, and it is commonly used in many architectural and industrial applications.

C272 brass tubing has many uses that span the industrial, architectural and consumer product industries. C27200 is full yellow in color and carries strength and hardness in relation to more pure copper metals. Alloy 272 possess an excellent capacity for being cold worked, but is not adaptable to being hot worked. A common function of yellow brass is to be used to form springs of many types.

These brass tubes have a wide range of applications, such as support sleeves, couplings, bushings, connectors, fittings, circuit board relays, electronic components, switches, valve stems and valve components, pump shafts, brackets, frames, fixtures, ornamental works, decorative rods, hand and foot rails, stemware and racks, cabinet hardware, decorative structural and supports and used extensively in the musical instrument, electrical equipment, plumbing, central heating, seawater lines and desalination fields.

C272 tubes can be found in a variety of tempers, from soft to hard drawn depending on the application. Popular finishes include mirror (found on many bar room rails), antiques or satin finishes.


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