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About Alchemy Metals

Alchemy Metals is a metal products sales agency, founded with the goal of providing a new level of concierge customer service to its customers across many industries all around the globe.

Owner Kyle Sabo founded Alchemy in 2012 after having experience as a sales manager and buyer for one of the country’s largest non-ferrous metal distributors. As Alchemy’s customer base has grown, so too has its offerings: we now furnish a full range of copper, brass, steel, and aluminum products in both commodity, semi-finished, and finished part forms and in small or large quantities.

Our sales growth has led us to answer customers’ requests for more value-added fabrication, design, and consulting services. In addition to managing customer requests for direct-ship commodity items, we also offer long term warehousing and JIT programs for customers with ongoing inventory requirements.

If you are a first-customer metals looking for a small quantity of product, we are available 24/7 to answer your technical questions and help guide on your purchase. Many of our customers have partnered with us to offboard portions of their supply, manufacturing, and inventory management needs to a qualified, trusted partner.

From Fortune 500 companies to clients all over the North America and as far as Hungary, China, and India hundreds of customers the world-over have chosen Alchemy Metals to be their metal procurement partner.

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